Pressure Chamber

By Marcus Olsio

I present for your enjoyment, a grotesque, honest and mechanical listening experience. My work is greatly  inspired by my own personal experiences from spring this year, which was a time filled with anxiety, gloom  and yes, pressure, due to the less-than-optimal situation on the job market in these troublesome times,  and a lot of stressful university courses that I just barely was able to pass. 

My goal was to emulate this aforementioned pressure in musical form, so that even a listener who never  experienced anything of the like could know what it feels like. A state of “fight or flight” is expected to  awaken in the listener. The listening experience might not at first seem that pleasant, but as the track  progresses it becomes much more logical. It features a hard baseline simply known as a “bounce”, that used to be common in the EDM-scene a few years back.

I have sampled the iconic video game “DOOM” (1993) by id Software, where the player is launched to a  space station on the planet mars that has been infested with hellish demons and has to fight his way  through a hangar filled with monstrous creatures in the first level.